CrashPlan for Enterprise


Georgia Tech and the Office of Information Technology provide an on-line backup service that is available at no cost to all faculty, staff, and student employees. CrashPlan PROe is an encrypted, export-compliant (ITAR), distributed enterprise backup product. It is an excellent complement to enterprise Dropbox and provides very good protection against data loss due to everything from failed encrypted hard drives to ransomware.  CrashPlan is a very "low touch" application and in most cases requires only occasional additional attention after its installation. If you are interested, please contact your unit IT organization directly; if necessary, the OIT Technology Support Center can assist you in locating them.  In the near future, we will have an email form through which you can request access.

We recommend that you not use this service for non-work-related equipment or for other than incidental personal data. Such use may violate the Computer and Networking Usage and Security Policy as well as subject your personal data to examination under the terms of the Georgia Open Records Act. As such, OIT cannot recommend the use of this backup service for personal data. There are commercial services, including one provided by the company that supplies the above mentioned product, that can assist you in keeping backups of your personal data without such complications. If you are not an employee of the Institute or want to maintain complete control of your personal data, you'll find suggestions for personal backups here.

Unless stated otherwise, the pages in this service description are written with the presumption that you are an end-user of the CrashPlan PROe product and that either your unit IT organization is available to assist you in using the product or you have contacted the OIT Technology Support Center (TSC) to obtain assistance.

This product was identified and integrated into the Georgia Tech environment by the Schools of the College of Engineering who have kindly allowed the Institute to take full advantage of their efforts.